Wednesday, February 8

Not Your Everyday Party : 360 Blog At The Fantasia Party

A great little 360 blog adventure, the fantasia party

What is a fantasia party

A fantasia party is basically like taking your significant other and your friends to an adult product store, except the store comes to you. That’s right the party comes to you : a representative from either a store or company brings all kinds of adult products, some you can taste, some you can examine and others you’ve never even heard about.

The point of all this is to be able to examine these products from the comfort of you own home, so it might save you what could be an awkward situation at a public store. If your thinking “well buying these things in front of my friends wont make me more comfortable” that’s ok, because the purchases can be made in another room in complete privacy.

Here are some of the products you can find at these kinds of parties :
Lubricants, massage oils, Erotic female and male toys, board games, books…

Just about every type of product is usually available and others can be ordered. Another plus is that the company or store can feature some brand new products, for example we were lucky enough to see a new product that had just been shipped to the company 2 days prior to the actual fantasia party.

The how to guide to making your own fantasia party

These parties are also not that difficult to organize. Just obtain a number for a company or store that could come with all the products, then invite enough people so that it can be a worthy party (20 people or more would be suggested if you can fit everyone). A great thing to do is prepare a brunch so everyone can munch on goodies for a little intermission midway through the presentation. Another bonus is that the company will usually offer a bonus to the host for the sales. From what I’ve seen the host can receive up to 10% of the total sales in either a gift certificate or products from the company, not a bad kicker for an excellent afternoon party. So basically you could have your share of products for free is you have adventurous friends or just a great party, but if you do throw a fantasia party I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as we did. It is also a great thing for couples as well as single people.

Every one of 360 blog’s writers were on hand at this event, and we are looking forward to the next event of this type if we aren’t hosting it ourselves. If you have any questions just contact us, and feel free to leave a comment.

360 Blog would like to thank J-P and Véro for hosting the party and letting everyone have a great time.