Sunday, March 26

Smart Doorbell Camera – Device of the Future

The world around us is constantly evolving, and along with that is the remarkable development of smart home electric devices, which mordenises the way you do daily activities and lead your life. Considering this, when it comes to home proctection and safeguard, it is always advisable to have the best smart doorbell camera installed.

So, What Is a Smart Doorbell Camera?

Smart Doorbell Camera

It is a palm-sized device attached to either the left or right side of the front door (usually on the same side as the handle), which provides live images and interaction, as well as captures motions of living and non-living things, notifying you of everything at anywhere and anytime.

Why Is Smart Doorbell the Right Choice?

There are three major advantages of owning one:

  1. It allows you to interact and converse with the visitors.

Not only does the best smart doorbell camera inform you of the people outside, but it also, with a visual and two-way audio support, helps you communicate with them through your phone. This means that you don’t have to be on the threshold and look through the peephole to decide whether or not the guests are trustworthy enough to be let in. As an obvious result, you can avoid time-consuming, unnecessary welcome if you’re in the middle of doing something more important.

  1. Its function to detect things is incredible.

Some modern doorbells have CVR (continuoius video recording) and motion sensors, so they can always capture, analyse and dectect everyting moving. Thanks to this, the doorbells can give you an alert whenever an intrusion on your house occurs. From now on, you won’t have to be worried about your home security if you’re going out or simply sleeping at night. And speaking of night, most models nowadays are equipped with night vison, enabling you to avoid sneaky burglaries.

Additionally, you can use the footage recorded as some kind of data and evidence to help the police reduce and prevent the local crime rate.

  1. It serves as a symbol of modernity and luxury.

It is always satisfying to show your friends and guests something so cool yet simple, something they’ve only seen on TV but you’ve already possessed. Let them know that you’re always up-to-date to technological trends like this. If need be, try persuading your friends to buy some and show them how easy their life will be then. It’s very likely that they will look up to you with pure admiration in their eyes.

How to Choose the Best Smart Doorbell Camera?

Before buying one, you should take some following features of multiple brands and models into considerations, otherwise, you would involuntarily waste your money on low-quality and inefficient products.

  1. Wired or wireless?

There are two choices presented to you: smart doorbells which require connection to your home’s electrical network for power or ones that simply runs on small batteries inside of it.

It is highly recommended that you have an electrician wire the former, unless you are one yourself or skilled enough at wiring; you don’t want to mess with that tricky network.

On the other hand, the latter are quite easy to be installed. You can do it yourself. The problem is that they are not very long-lasting compared to their wired counterpart, which only lose power when your whole house does. Be aware of the batteries’ lifespan as you don’t want them to deplete undesirably.

  1. Cost.

The purchase price of different types varies greatly (from $80 – $350). And the more expensive, the better the quality. We suggest the $99.99 products, which usually offer great efficiency and extra features. Keep in mind that there will be installation cost, with the average being $75.

  1. Video resolution.

You would want the clearest footage possible to keep an eye on what’s going on outside. There have been a myriad of products out there with 2K images, offering the sharpest images of the visitors, or even the thieve’s face. However, a 1080p camera is still good enough if you can’t offer the former.

By the way, this feature works very well with night vision function. It wouldn’t even matter that you know there’s someone out there, but fail to know their face in the dark or in the morning fog.

  1. Field of view.

Another visual factor to consider, this one essentially support those mentioned above, because, well, the more observable the area, the better. A 180° angle certainly rules out all the intruder’s possiblity of sneaking into the house without being noticed.

  1. Durability and warranty.

Due to the fact that the product is installed outside of the house, it is necessary to be concerned about its stability against the exposure to four seasons’ weathering degradation. Fortunately, many producers have integrated the feature, allowing their devices to work in freezing temperature and be waterproof.

In the event of breakdown or malfunction, you can always ask for replacement from the manufacturers. Note that the common warranty of many brands usually expires after one or two years, starting from the date of purchase.

  1. Quick response.

Your doorbell should not only capture every live image outside but also instantly send notifications to your phone (which has had the app) when it detects the presence of a visitor at the front door. You don’t want to learn that your house has already been broken into a long time after it happened. Also, remember to secure the Internet connection in order to receive the latest footage from the camera.

  1. Data storage.

Some products offer local capacity with internal storage or a microSD card, which assure your privacy, whilst some others come with cloud storage. The latter is usually easier and more convenient to use, but it charges additional monthly fees in order to operate.

Long story short, smart doorbell camera is a very modern, useful and a great decoration to your house. Take time to consider all the benefits this little device offers before making the right decision. It will exceed your expectations as a protective and security guard of your family and everything you care for.