Wednesday, February 8

The Grooming Hacks For Your Body

For a lot of us, oil is a bad thing. People with oily skin want nothing but to neutralize it. While those with oily hair can’t wait to have it washed. But how come, despite these contradicting ideas, a lot of people still love to slather grooming oil on almost all parts of their body? Surprisingly though, oil is actually one’s friend.
Oils hydrate the skin the same ways moisturizer does because they are absorbed quickly and they have added deeply nourishing ingredients not to mention ingredients that fights toxins and infections. Oils penetrate deeper to hydrate skin from within. And luckily enough, oils can be used from head to toe, beard and body and many more. Peruse the hacks below from your favourite oil that will work for your various grooming needs.


Oil for Your Hair

Leaving a healthy shine on your hair, oil can be your hair’s new best friend. It will not only nourish the scalp, it will also leave your hair super subtle and shiny. Just add a couple drops to your paste or cream—or use the oil on its own, if your hair is particularly long. It will showcase your natural texture and definition, while taming strays and fly aways.

Oil for your Beard

Want something that smells and feels good for your beard? Yeah, best natural oil for beard growth is the one for you. It will not only soften the pesky beard bristles, it will also lessen the itch and irritation on your part as well as to your significant other. On top of that, the oil gives you light control over the beard’s style, taming strays and fly aways, while giving whiskers a subtle shine. Apply it to beards of any length, since it even hydrates and soothes the skin if you’re just working with stubble.

Oil for your Body

Apply oil in your cracked, dry skin and notice how smooth it will become after a few minutes. Oils are especially potent in colder months so keep one handy. Apply a few drops of oil in your body after your night shower and feel the tingle soothing sensation on your skin after.

Oil for your Face

Looking for a deep-soaking hydration product for your skin? Well, oils will do the trick for you. hese oils act as natural antioxidants, to combat the environmental toxins that age you daily; they simultaneously work to reduce fine lines and dull skin, restoring a youthful, bright complexion while keeping skin hydrated all the day long.

Oil for Shaving

Using oils after you shave is also a good idea because it acts as a pre-shave conditioner, shaving agent, and post-shave hydrator, all in one. Shaving oils cares for and calms skin every step of the way, while shielding it from the blade, as well as post-shave threats like toxins and bacteria.

Oil for Bathing

Calm your muscles and senses alike with oils and rebound quickly and have a restful day or night. There are oils out there that also works as healing bath soak, targeted foremost at cold and flu sufferers so you will really be refreshed after using one.